Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No better way to start your day....

....than with a Breakfast Truffle!  That's right, we have created a delicious new truffle made with maple and bacon.  Yup, you heard right, bacon.  Everyone is really into bacon these days, so we thought why not jump on the bandwagon and see where this could go!  And what goes best with bacon?  Maple syrup of course!  And so these beautiful little drops of hog heaven were born:
We are now adding these to our menu, and after several different versions and with the help of a couple lucky taste testers, we decided to make these with both white chocolate and dark.  (Note: there is also bacon on the inside)

We are truly excited about this new flavor and we are ecstatic that we have the opportunity to send a few samples to the lovely Heather Lauer over at www.baconunwrapped.com!
Now you can see why breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, but the BEST meal of the day!

---Our website is coming soon! Stay posted----

Pig out.