Monday, December 27, 2010

Fun Flavored Favors

We did favors for a 40th birthday party this week, with personalized "thank you" tags..They were such a big hit, they were blogged about on the designer's blog!  The post can be found here:

We went with a coconut filling as the party was tropical themed. Pictures to follow!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sizing Up the Competition...

Today we are going to head down to Unique LA, an awesome craft/edibles sale with over 300 vendors, held twice a year in downtown LA.  We've heard there will be a truffle company on hand from Vegas.  We have decided to go down there and size up the competition a bit.

Hopefully, if all goes as planned, one year from now you will be able to purchase your very own Truffle Parlor treats from the same event!

New Website Coming Soon!!!

With the help of our dear friend,  our website will be up and running very shortly!!!!  We are extremely excited to take this next big step!

Good Morning World!

Well hello there!  Welcome to the Truffle Parlor Blog!  We are two sisters trying to make it in the world starting our own treat business.  We will try our best to update this weekly.  Thanks for stopping by!